Persian nightstand


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The Persian nightstand is a wooden furniture piece that serves as a functional and decorative addition to a bedroom. It typically stands at a height that aligns with the bed, making it convenient for accessing items while lying in bed.

The nightstand has a rectangular shape with straight lines and clean edges. The main body is constructed from premium quality wood,

The standout feature of the Persian nightstand is the intricate and detailed decorative elements. The designs draw inspiration from Persian art,

In terms of functionality, the nightstand typically offers a flat top surface for placing objects like lamps, books, or personal belongings. It may have one or more drawers or shelves to provide storage space for items that need to be kept within easy reach.

Overall, the Persian nightstand showcases a fusion of functionality and intricate craftsmanship that adds elegance and cultural flair to the bedroom decor. Its unique design and attention to detail make it a standout furniture piece that embodies the essence of Persian-inspired aesthetics.